Family association von Stackelberg

Family History – Stackelbergs in Cologne


The von Stackelberg family belongs to the ancient German nobility. It is first mentioned in a deed of 1244.1 At the time, i.e. four years before the Cologne Dome Church started to be built, Waldewerus de Stackelberg and his wife Alveradis donated four residential buildings near the St. Gereon Convent to build a hospital (today: Steinfelder Gasse 31–35). The hospital probably mainly served as a pilgrims’ hostel, as innumerable pilgrims came to Cologne after the relics of the Three Magi had been brought there from Milan. Up to 1316, nine further mentionings in the Cologne real estate register concern the de Stackelberg family (Stakelberg, Staggilberg, Stachilberg); after that, there are no further traces in Cologne.

Copper engraving of Region St. Gereon 1643
[Copper engraving of Region St. Gereon 1643]

1 Cologne 1244: Real estate register 334, fol.3v, No.89 and 90