Family association von Stackelberg

Family Association

In Reval (today: Tallinn), Estonia’s capital, the von Stackelberg Family Association was formed in 1864 under the name von Stackelberg Family Donation.

Its task is to keep up the family tradition and cultivate connections between family members. Every year, it publishes a Circular and every three years, it holds a family day at varying places. Stackelbergs related by blood only may become members.
Currently, the family has 401 members (159 males né Stackelberg, 149 females née Stackelberg and 93 female cousines married to a Stackelberg).

Arend v. Stackelberg (born before 1504) is the ancestor of all living Stackelbergs. His son was the Tartu convent head Peter v. Stackelberg whose sons are the founders of the three main lines existing up to the present day.

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